My Good Boy

Rating: NC-17
underage, incest, daddy kink, oral sex - basically everything you need to get yourself to hell
3, 800+

(Beta’d by my one and only Alex (@alextommo_ on twitter))

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"D-daddy? Daddy w-wake up." 

Louis groans as he cracks open one of his eyes to the sight of his son, Harry, clutching his teddy bear and tears streaming down his face. Which promptly wakes Louis up completely. 

"Hey sweetheart, what’s wrong?" Louis whispers worriedly as he sits up in his bed, gesturing for Harry to come sit on his lap and of course Harry eagerly does, wrapping his arms around his dad in the process. "Wanna tell daddy why you’re crying? Did you have a bad dream, baby?" Louis asks as he drops a kiss to Harry’s curls, rocking him back and fourth to calm his sobs. 

Harry lets out a whimper and shakes his head but doesn’t elaborate, just cries more.

"C’mon darling, you have to tell me what’s wrong? I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what made you so upset."

Harry sniffs once, twice and then starts rambling on about how ‘he didn’t mean it’, ‘it was an accident’, ‘I don’t know what happened’, ‘I’m so sorry, daddy’. Louis’ stumped, did Harry wet the bed? Is that why he’s so embarrassed? It wasn’t particularly normal for 10 year olds to wet the bed but it wasn’t exactly abnormal. 

"Harry, shh shh. You’re not making any sense, love. What was an accident? Did you.. Uh, did you wet the bed?" Louis clears his throat, hoping he doesn’t embarrass his son further. 

Harry lets out a frustrated sigh and pouts. “No I didn’t wet the bed, I’m a big boy, daddy. Big boys don’t wet the bed!” 

Louis holds his arms up in defence, showing his son he didn’t mean to accuse him of something ‘big boys don’t do’. 

"Alright, calm down, Harry. If you didn’t wet the bed, then what happened?" Louis asks, again, fingers twirling through Harry’s curly locks. 

"Promise you won’t get mad at me, daddy?" Harry whimpers. 

"Of course I won’t be mad at you, sweetie. How could I ever be mad at my baby boy?" Louis teases which causes Harry to giggle and hide his face in his fathers chest, bringing a smile to Louis’ face. 

"My pajamas are all sticky," Harry mutters embarrassingly. 

Sticky? But why would Harry his pajamas be stic- oh. Oh. Louis’ eyes widen in realization; his son had a wet dream. His 10 year old son had a wet dream, how is he supposed to explain what that meant to him? 

"You promised you wouldn’t get mad! Daddy, I’m sorry, please don’t be mad! Are you mad?" Harry bites at his lip worryingly, fear evident in his voice. 

Louis snaps out of his thoughts and abruptly shakes his head. “I’m not mad at you, okay? Daddy’s just.. Well he’s just, um, thinking. But I’m not mad, I swear,” Dropping another kiss to Harry’s curls, he grips his sons waist a little tighter. 

Harry doesn’t say anything, just buries his head in Louis’ chest again. He doesn’t understand what happened, just that he woke up from a dream and felt all sweaty and sticky. 

"Sweetheart," Louis sighs "What happened to you is called, um … a wet dream. And it’s okay, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s completely normal, alright?" Louis looks at his sons face and his eyebrows are drawn together in the cutest little frown, he looks utterly confused. He takes a deep breath and runs a hand through his hair. Eager to change the conversation to something else. 

"Hey bud, how about a shower yeah? Get you nice and cleaned and then you can sleep in here with me, if you want?"

Harry whimpers and nods, signalling to his dad that was alright. 

Louis lets out a sigh of relief. “Okay, good. Do you want me to carry you, love?”

With another nod and whimper from the young boy, Louis carefully gets out of bed, putting Harry’s arms around his neck and helping Harry lock his ankles behind his back as he carries him to the bathroom. 


Louis places Harry on his feet and walks to the shower to turn it on, making it nice and warm, hopefully to calm the younger down. 

"Okay baby, take off your clothes so I can go put them in the wash," Louis calmly states. 

Harry starts frantically shaking his head and muttering little no’s. 

Louis quickly crosses the bathroom to his upset son, kneeling so he was eye level with him. “Why are you crying again, baby? I told you it was okay. You have nothing to be embarrassed about,” Louis whispers, lifting his hand to brush Harry’s curls out of his eyes. 

"I don’t want," hiccup “You to leave me, please don’t go,” Harry cries, flinging his arms around his fathers neck and clutching at him like he was afraid he’d be ripped away from him. 

Louis shushes him, “I’m not going anywhere, I promise baby boy,” pulling Harry back to drop a kiss to each of his cheeks, effectively calming him. “Do you want me to come into the shower with you? Will that make you feel better?”

Harry looks into his dads eyes and bites his lip, nodding his head shyly in agreement. 

At that Louis slowly peels of Harry’s pajamas and lifts him into his arms to carefully place him into the shower, then quickly sheds his own clothes and gets in with him. 

Harry’s eyes don’t leave the shower floor, he still has a blush on his cheeks, evidently showing he’s still embarrassed. 

"Harry, sweetie, do you want daddy to wash your hair?" Louis questions, hopefully trying to get Harry’s mind over what happened. 

Harry whispers a ‘yes please, daddy’, eyes still locked on the floor. 

Louis sighs as he pulls Harry to stand in front him, letting the spray of water wet his curls and reaches to grab the shampoo and squirt some into his palms, then slowly massages Harry’s scalp, emitting a small sigh from his sons lips, bringing a smile to Louis’ face. Louis then went on to rinse Harry’s hair and grab a sponge to wash his body, under his arms, down his chest, light over his groin and down his legs all while Harry’s eyes were locked to his dads body, a curious expression on his face. 

"What’s on your mind, munchkin? You’re looking pretty serious there. Not hurting your little brain from thinking too hard, are you?" Louis teases and Harry breaks out into giggles. 

"Can I ask you a question, daddy?"

"You just did." 

Harry giggles again and slaps Louis on the arm. “Be quiet, daddy. I’m serious,” Harry pouts. 

Louis chuckles, “Okay love, what’s your serious question, then?” 

Harry’s eyes drift down his fathers body, landing on Louis’ groin. “Why is it so big?” Harry questions innocently with wide eyes, head titled to the side. 


"Well, um.." Louis stutters and pauses "Yours will get bigger when you, um, grow up."

"Big like yours, daddy?" 

Louis pushes Harry’s wet hair out of his eyes, a little bit flustered at his sons questions. Of course they were just curious, after all that’s all Harry is, young and curious. 

"I don’t know, love. Probably, it just depends."

Harry nods his head, the expression on his face still curious. “Can I touch it?”

Louis’ eyes go wide as his breath hitches in his throat. What was he supposed to say? Yes? How could he let his 10 year old son touch him down there? Is it too intimate or just nothing to worry about? The gears in Louis’ head were turning and he doesn’t notice Harry reaching out to-  

Louis goes ridged as Harry’s tiny hand touches his dick, curious fingers tracing lightly up and down. Harry looks up into his Louis’ wide eyes, then back down to his cock, he curiously wraps his hand around it, knocking the breath out of his dad. Louis pushes himself back out of Harry’s touch and into the shower wall, though upset with himself for freaking out as he looks back at his son, his face is scrunched up in confusion, his eyes slightly swimming with hurt. 

"Did I do something wrong, daddy?" Harry whimpers. 


Louis steps forward and kneels on shaky legs, blue eyes locking with green. He kisses Harry’s forehead. “No darling, you didn’t. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to make you upset. Don’t be upset with me, baby,” Louis pleads as he runs his hands through Harry’s wet curls, cursing himself inwardly for handling this so badly. 

"Then why did you move away? I just wanted to touch it. Why won’t you let me touch it?" Harry whimpers again. 

Louis tries to swallow the lump in his throat. Why did he move away? Harry didn’t understand what he was doing, he’s only young. 

But then the realization hits Louis like a ton of bricks. He’s getting hard. 

Getting hard because Harry touched him. 

Hard because his 10 year old son touched him. 

Louis’ horrified. 

After a few minutes of silence, he takes a deep breath, trying to calm himself. 

"Harry, sweetheart, I know you do bu-"

"Let me touch it, daddy. Please,” Harry cuts off his dad, begging, wide green eyes staring into Louis’ own. 

Louis feels his cock lurch at Harry’s begging, he squeezes his eyes shut, willing his hard on to disappear. This was so wrong, oh so wrong, but his body was betraying his mind and he was so close to giving in. 

"Please, daddy." 

Louis breaths out and mutters an “okay”.

Harry’s face breaks out into a smile, while Louis’ stands and his face forms a grimace. The guilt already settling into the pit of his stomach. 

Harry’s eyes go wide at the sight before him. Louis’ cock is hard and slightly raised from his body. Louis notices hesitation in his sons eyes. 

"You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, Harry," Louis tries to keep his voice calm but he’s getting so hard, lust and desire taking over his entire being. 

Harry ignores his fathers question and reaches out his hand to touch Louis’ cock again. Louis’ breath hitches when Harry’s hand makes contact with the hard flesh, nimble fingers slightly gripping his length. 

"It’s so hard.." Harry whispers in awe.

Louis relaxes into Harry’s touch, his little hand feels incredible on him. He places his own hand over Harry’s. “Why don’t you,” Louis clears his throat “Try moving it up and down?” 

Harry looks up at his dad and then back down to his cock, he pokes his tongue out of his mouth in concentration, dragging his fist slowly up and down. Louis lets out a moan. Harry removes his hand and jumps back and quickly stutters out an apology. “I’m so sorry, daddy! Did I hurt you?”  

What made Louis think this was a good? 

"Harry, darling," he croaks "I-It’s fine, okay? Everything’s fine. You didn’t hurt me. I’m okay, I promise. Lets.. Lets go to bed okay?"

Harry quickly nods his head, eyes looking anywhere but his dads. Louis sighs, turning off the water and arm reaching out of the shower door to grab the two fluffy towels on the basin. 

He steps towards Harry and places a towel over his shoulders, lifting his son into his arms. Harry places his arms around Louis’ neck and Louis feels something hard nudge his stomach. He looks down to see Harry’s cock hard and leaking precum. Louis inwardly groans at how hot the sight before him is but quickly pushes his thoughts into the back of his mind and opens the shower door to make their way back to the bedroom. 

Louis places Harry gently on the bed, careful to not go anywhere near his sons erection. 

"Daddy, it really hurts," Harry cries suddenly, gesturing to his groin, his nimble fingers reaching down to his little cock and gasping. "Please help me, I don’t - I don’t know what to do."

Louis’ having an internal battle with himself, he can’t just leave Harry like this and he’s already crossed so many lines. Louis hates himself but, he really wants Harry’s cock in his mouth. “Lay down, sweetheart,” Louis whispers “Daddy will help you, you’re alright.”

"What do I do, daddy? Daddy I don’t-"

"Harry, shh. Lay down on your back for me, okay?"

Harry nods and quickly lays down on his back, head propped up on the pillows. 

Louis slightly hesitates but shifts his body down, placing his hands on Harry’s hips and lowering his head to his erection. He wastes no time in taking the tip of his cock between his lips and taking him all the way down. Louis groans around Harry, his cock feels so small and vulnerable in his mouth, it slipped in so easily. His own cock throbs from his sons taste as he bobs his head up and down, once, twice. 

"Daddy, daddy, daddy. Oh. Please," Harry whimpers, bucking up into Louis mouth. 

Louis pulls off with a tiny pop, hand taking over what his mouth was previously doing and pumping Harry’s length. “Shh sweetheart, daddy’s taking care of you. You’re such a good boy. Will you be a good boy for daddy?” Louis purrs, kitten licking the head of Harry’s cock, enjoying the little whine his son releases. 

"Y-yes daddy, I’ll be a g-good boy. Your good boy,” Harry pants, knuckles white from gripping the bed sheets so hard. 

"That’s right, my good boy," Louis says, mouth taking Harry back down, the younger bucking into his dads mouth with a groan. Louis wants this to be perfect for Harry so he hollows his cheeks and lets Harry fuck his mouth as he pleases, his eyes closing to the noises his son’s making, little whining moans that go straight to Louis’ cock. Harry lets out a high pitched moan as Louis swirls his tongue around his cock and pulls back to tongue at the slit. Louis feels Harry shake under his hands so he takes him all the way back down his throat. He hums around Harry’s cock as he cums, moaning out a stream of daddydaddydaddy, his cum hitting the back of Louis’ throat as he swallows it down, moaning at the bitter sweet taste.

Louis lets Harry’s cock slip from his mouth, placing opened mouth kissing on Harry’s thighs as he runs his hands up and down Harry’s chest, feeling him still shaking from the intensity of his first orgasm. 

He looks to Harry’s face. His eyes pupils are dilated, a light spray of sweat covers his forehead as his mouth lays open, little pants leaving his pink lips. “Are you okay, baby?” Louis asks nervously. 

"Yes,” Harry breaths, (to which Louis let out a sigh of relief) eyes closing at the action. 

Louis peppers kisses up Harry’s body, up to his chest and swirls his tongue around a nipple to which Harry whines to. He releases the hardened nub and places more kisses on Harry’s chest, across his collarbones and up his jaw, then softly on his lips. 

Harry pulls away instantly, “Ew daddy, your mouth tastes disgusting!” he giggles and Louis chuckles. 

"You get used to it, babe,” he says as he pecks Harry on the lips again. 

Harry looks down to Louis’ groin, his erection was still very much present. Hard and angry looking. Harry strokes a finger down Louis’ cock and his breath hitches. “Daddy, will you put it inside me?” Harry innocently asks, cheeks flushed. 

Louis’ cock gives a guilty lurch at Harry’s question. He really wants to but shook his head, indicating a no. “It’ll hurt a lot, darling. I can’t do that to you.”

Harry whines, “I don’t care, daddy. Please. I want it. Want it inside me, want to feel you. Please.” 

How could he deny his baby boy that? 

"Okay, okay, but you have to promise me that if it hurts or if you don’t want to any more, you’ll tell me? I don’t wanna hurt you, angel." 

Harry holds out his pinky, “I pinky promise.”

Even in Louis’ state of lust, he can’t help but chuckle at Harry’s innocence and link his pinky with his. 

Louis kisses Harry on the forehead and quickly reaches over him to open the side table draw and pulls out a bottle of lube and a condom. He props Harry up against the headboard with pillows behind his head and slithers down in between his legs, spreading them apart gently and propping them up so his knees bend slightly, all while Harry stares down at him with wide eyes, cock already hard again and leaking against his stomach. 

"Baby, this is going to feel really weird at first and you have to tell me if you don’t like it." Louis waits for Harry’s nod, then picks up the bottle of lube, squeezing some onto his fingers.

Louis traces Harry’s pink hole with the tip of his finger and pushes in, not stopping until he’s knuckle deep. He feels Harry clench around him and winces. “How does it feel darling? Does it hurt? Do you want me to stop?” Louis grinds his teeth, Harry feels so hot and tight around his finger, he can’t imagine what he’ll feel like once he’s.. Inside. 

Harry breathes out a choked whine, grinding down on his dads finger. “I’m fine. Please daddy, more,” Harry demands. “More, Daddy.”

Louis reaches down to his own cock and gives it a few sharp tugs, to relieve the tension in his body. Having his son under him like this was nothing he could ever have imagined.  

Louis slowly pulls his finger back out and pushes it back in, less resistance this time. He works his finger in and out of Harry, gently to not hurt him, going at a steady pace into Harry’s hole, he adds another finger.

"Oh my god, daddy, yes,” Harry moans out. 

"Shit, baby. You look so good. Such a good little boy for daddy,”" Louis groans. His two fingers are pushing in and out of Harry’s hole at a steady pace, curling his fingers experimentally as Harry’s hips lift off the bed. 

"Moremoremore," Harry cries. 

Louis gets three fingers inside his son, Harry’s head is thrown back, mouth open and pretty gasps leaving his lips, his body quivering with each thrust. Louis’ watching him in awe, cock throbbing because of how small and beautiful Harry looks spread out and panting under him, all he wants to do is ruin him and make him scream. 

Louis can’t take it any more, his erection’s on the verge of pain. He needs more. They both need more. He pulls his fingers out of Harry, eliciting a whine out of him. “Shh, sweetie. Daddy’s gonna take real good care of you now,” Louis coos, leaning forward to place a kiss on Harry’s lips, causing him to whimper. 

Louis watches Harry’s eyes grow wide as he leans back and slips a condom over his cock, grabbing the bottle of lube and coating himself thoroughly, breathing in sharply at the contact. He reluctantly lets go of his cock, reaching forward to pull Harry down so he was lying flat on his back and lifting his legs to dangle over his shoulders. 

He looks down into Harry’s green eyes, nothing but love and lust filling them. His heart clenches. “You’re sure you wanna do this, sweetheart?” Louis asks, stroking Harry’s check affectionately. 

Harry bits his lip and nods, leaning up to peck his father on the lips. “Please daddy, wanna be your good boy. Can be so good for you. Please.” 

Louis moans “You’re such a good boy, Harry. Daddy loves you very much.”

Louis grabs his cock and positions himself at Harry’s hole, before pushing in, Louis looks up at Harry’s face for any hesitation, but there is none, so Louis pushes the head of his cock inside him. Harry tenses but doesn’t protest, “Harry baby, you need to relax or it’s going to hurt. I don’t wanna hurt you, love,” Louis coos. Harry nods his head and relaxes as Louis thrusts the rest of the way in, until he’s buried deep inside Harry’s tight, little hole. He holds himself there, clenching his jaw, letting Harry get used to it.

"Daddy, please. Do something," Harry whines. 

Louis breathes out, the intense heat of Harry makes his pulse speed up, and starts to thrust in and out, slowly, worried that he’d cause his son too much pain. Louis moves against him, a bit harder now, forcing little whimpering moans from Harry on every thrust.

"I want you to fuck yourself down on daddy’s cock, baby. Can you do that for me?" Louis gasps, leaning down to nip at Harry’s neck. 

Harry nods eagerly and starts thrusting his hips down on Louis’ cock, letting out little gasps with each thrust. Louis has to control himself from coming, Harry looks so good with his cock deep inside him, fucking himself down on it as hard as he can. It’s a sight Louis never wants to forget. 

"Shit, Harry. You look so good with daddy’s cock inside you. Doing so well angel, my good boy," Louis groans. 

Harry whimpers. “Daddy, please. More. More, daddy, more.” Louis grasps Harry by the hips and starts pounding into him with long, hard thrusts. 

“You’re,” thrust, “so,” thrust, “beautiful, baby,” Louis gasps leaning down so he and Harry are chest to chest, peppering kisses all over his face. Harry was breathing heavily and whining as he continues to rock his hips down to meet Louis’. He knew he hit that spot inside his son as Harry cried out, hips lifting as his father hit his prostate dead on. Louis held him firmly in place, rotating hips balls deep, milking another cry from Harry. 

"Please," Harry whimpers, heat coiling in the pit of his stomach. "Please, oh, please, yes, oh, daddy, please I want to come."

Louis reaches down to Harry’s cock and pumps it in time with his thrusts,  as he whispers in his sons ear “Come for daddy, baby,” and Harry’s coming with a whining moan, spilling all over Louis’ fist. The tight heat of Harry’s muscles clenching around him was too much for Louis too handle and he was coming hot and fast into the condom, hips stuttering and a breathy groan of Harry’s name leaving his lips. 

Neither move for a while, until Louis gently pulls out of his son as both their breathing has slowed down, Harry winces at the slight pain but misses the feeling of being filled up. Louis moves to lay down on his back, as pulls Harry over him to drape like a blanket, arms tight around Harry’s back, chest to chest. Not caring about the fact they were both dirty with cum, lube and sweat, he just wants to savour this moment. Once Harry gets comfortable he snuggles his face into his dads neck and lets out a content sigh. 

"I love you, daddy."

Louis closes his eyes, guilt starting to coil in the pit of his stomach. “I love you too, baby. So much,” He breaths, leaning down to kiss Harry on the forehead and muttering a ‘sleep now, love’ into his hair.  

And he does, Louis following not too long after.

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