Birthday Boy

Sequel to ‘My Good Boy’

Warnings: incest, daddy kink, spanking, rimming, sex, dirty talk. it’s basically pure filth?


Beta’d by my one and only Alex (@alextommo_ on twitter)

~ I finally finished it and I hope it doesn’t disappoint anyone :) enjoy ~

It’s been going on for 7 years. Louis told himself after the first time, it would never happen again. Even after the second time, Louis said that was the last. But it never was. It’s been 7 years since he took away his sons innocence, and he and Harry, have no intentions of stopping. He knows its wrong, of course he does, they both do. Something so intimate shouldn’t happen between a father and his son, but in this case, It only made their love, and bond stronger.


"So where are you taking me, then?" Harry questions, as he runs his fingers through Louis’ hair. They’re both snuggled up on the couch, Harry seated with his fathers head in his lap, watching shitty day time television. It’s Harry’s 17th birthday and Louis has a surprise for him, and Harry’s determined to find out what it is. 

"Geez, Harry darling, always so eager for answers," Louis teases as he looks up at Harry, blue eyes staring right into green, "it’s a surprise, love. You need to learn to just go with the flow.”

"But dad, that’s no fair. I don’t like surprises. Just tell me." Harry whines and pouts, looking every bit innocent he did 7 years ago. Even at the new age of 17, he’s still a little boy at heart. His daddy’s little boy. 

"I’m not telling, baby. You’ll just have to wait till tonight, alright?" Louis demands more than questions and Harry whines again, but nods his head in understanding. "Good boy, now give me a kiss." 

Harry chuckles as he leans his head down to kiss Louis sweetly on the lips, “I love you,” he says, nothing but sincerity in his words. 

Louis’ heart bursts with affection as he cranes his neck and puts a hand around Harry’s head, pulling him down to deepen the kiss. “I love you too, sweetheart. What do you say to a ‘happy birthday blowjob?’” Louis purrs against Harry’s lips, eyes lighting up with mischief. 

Harry’s cock gives an interested lurch. “Yes please.. Daddy,” he breathes, as Louis gets off the couch slowly and kneels, prying Harry’s legs apart to squeeze in between them. A cheeky smirk tugs at his lips, as he rubs Harry’s cock teasingly through his sweat pants.  

"Anything for my baby boy."


"Sweetheart, are you ready yet?"

Harry huffs out an aggravated sigh, ignoring his fathers question. He’s standing in front of the mirror in the bedroom, hands struggling to tie up his bowtie. “Why can’t I fucking get it right,” He angrily whispers. 

"Babe, did you hear me?" Louis asks, as he pokes his head through the bedroom door. "We need to leave now. It’s getting la-" Louis stops talking as Harry throws his arms up in the air, hands grabbing at his hair and tugging. Louis rushes towards his son, hands reaching for Harry’s out of his hair and tangling their fingers together. "Hey," he coos, "What’s the matter, baby?"

"I can’t get this fucking bowtie done up. I don’t know why I have to get dressed up like this for, I just wanna stay home." He snaps. 

Louis looks bewildered, then chuckles at Harry’s face. His lips are formed in a pout and he looks completely offended by his dads laughter. “I’m sorry sweetie,” Louis gets out, hand reaching up to tuck a curl behind Harry’s ear. “I didn’t mean to laugh, you just.. You look so cute when you’re angry.” 

Harry’s face softens, a blush forming on his cheeks. “Shut up..” He shyly says, a smile on his lips. 

Louis just grins. “Here love, let daddy do it for you.” 

Harry watches his fathers face as he does up his bowtie for him. His tongue pokes out of mouth and his eyes crinkle at the corners in concentration. A few seconds later and Louis exclaims, “There you go, my love!” Face beaming.  

Harry tugs Louis forward by the hips, green eyes staring into Louis own. “Thank you,” he breathes, leaning forward to capture his fathers’ lips with his own. 

"C’mon," Louis pulls away with a smile, tangling his fingers with Harry’s and pulling him out of the bedroom.  "We’re gonna be late, we better leave now."

"You still won’t tell me where we’re going then?" Harry asks with a bored expression on his face. 

"You look prettier when you smile, sweetheart." 

So Harry smiles. 

"Reservation for Tomlinson, Louis Tomlinson." 

The waitress looks at Louis with a flirty smile and purrs. “This way, Mr. Tomlinson.”

Harry’s face forms a grimace as he follows Louis and the waitress to their table. He doesn’t appreciate the look she was giving his father, if she didn’t cut it out, Harry was going to claw her eyes out. 

Harry goes to take his seat but before he does, Louis’ there pulling it out, mumbling cheekily “There you go m’lady,” causing Harry to let out a throaty chuckle. 

"Wow, such a gentleman," He teases. 

Louis just winks and takes his own seat. “I know this is your favourite restaurant and it’s not really anything fancy but, I just wanted to do something nice for you. It’s not everyday your little boy turns 17,” Louis finishes with a blush on his cheeks. 

Harry has to fight the urge to clasp Louis’ hand in his own, not knowing if they might run into someone they know. Having a nice meal with your father was one thing, but holding his hand across the table romantically is a totally different and wrong thing to do. Harry spits the word wrong angrily in his head, hating how he couldn’t show his love for his father in public because that’s not an acceptable thing to do. He sighs. 

"I love it, dad. I really do," he musters up what he hopes is a smile, but it falls as soon as he sees the look on Louis’ face. 

"You can tell me if it was a totally shit surprise, I mean I understa-"

"No!" Harry cuts Louis off, "I swear I love it, I really do. It’s a lovely surprise,” He pleads. 

Louis looks uncertain. “You sure, sweetheart?”

Harry holds out his pinky, cheeky smile forming across his lips. “I pinky promise.”

Louis throws his head back, a loud laugh leaving his lips that he quickly lowers into a chuckle. “You mr, are extremely cheeky,” He says fondly. 

Harry smiles his dimple smile and says. “I know.”

"Is there anything else I can get you, sir?" The waitress purrs, hand settling lightly on Louis’ shoulder lightly. 

Harry looks at the woman bitterly. All she had done all night; was flirt with his father. Every couple of minutes, the waitress would come back to their table and put a hand on Louis somewhere, throwing a flirty smile his way, asking if there was anything else she could get him. And that’s what got Harry the angriest. Louis was his, no one else touches Louis, but him. And the fact that she didn’t even bother to acknowledge his existence, annoyed Harry to the max. 

"If you could bring us two desert menus, that would be great, thank you love,” Louis smiles. 

"No worries sir, I’ll be right back." She flirts, again. Walking away, over exaggerating the way she sways her hips back and forth. Harry glares. 

"Hey," Louis says softly, effectively snapping Harry out of his thoughts to claw the waitresses eyes out. "Are you alright, angel?" He asks, nothing but concern in his voice. 

Harry scoffs. “As if you haven’t noticed the waitress basically drooling over you all night.”

Louis looks bewildered, eyebrows drawn together as his mouth opens and closes multiple times. Trying to form the words to speak but can’t. 

Harry crosses his arms like an immature child, face sulky. 

"Harry, I don’t … I don’t know what you’re talking about. But," Harry goes to cut Louis off but he raises his hand, signalling to Harry to not interrupt him. "But, even if she was. The only person I’m looking at tonight, is you,” he says, eyes swimming with an unknown emotion Harry can’t quite figure out. 

He uncrosses his arms, face softening as a blush arises on his cheeks. “Yeah?” He shyly asks. 

"Yeah,” Louis confirms, reaching over the table and squeezing Harry’s hand, then pulling away quickly. 

Harry’s face falls as his eyes darken. He leans forward, signalling for Louis to do the same. Louis staring right into his eyes, confusion on his face. “I think.. I think we should skip desert,” Harry mutters darkly. 

Louis tilts his head to the side, face lighting up in understanding, but he still asks. “Why?”

"Because," Harry drops his voice to a whisper. "Because I wanna take you home and show you who you belong to."

Louis’ breath hitches in his throat, mouth opening to respond to Harry but before he does, Harry’s speaking again. “I wanna take you home and fuck you.. I wanna fuck you, daddy,” He breathes out the last word like sin on his lips. 

Louis cock twitches in the confinements of his dress pants. Blood bubbling with excitement as he calls out to the waitress. “Check, please!”

Louis smirks devilishly and takes Harry by the hand, pulling him inside the house. Slamming the door shut and pushing him against it forcefully. He quickly tugs Harry forward by the collar of his shirt, meeting his lips with his own, wasting no time and licking his sons bottom lip, his tongue begging for entrance. Louis swallows a moan that crawls up the back of his Harry’s throat, as tongues meet furiously and tangle together. Louis sucks Harry’s tongue into his mouth, eliciting a moan from the younger. 

“Are you gonna take care of me, baby?” Louis purrs into Harry’s mouth, pulling back to nip at his bottom lip, his hands traveling down to the hem of Harry’s shirt, reaching the bottom button and undoing it slowly, eyes locked on Harry’s own, a teasing smile tugging at his lips. Harry releases an annoyed whine, wanting his father to hurry up, which Louis chuckles and complies to, hurriedly undoing the rest of the buttons and letting Harry pull back enough to get the shirt off of him. Louis then tugs Harry forward and scraps his fingernails down his back, a moan spilling from his lips. “I asked you a question, darling. Answer me,” Louis demands softly, tweaking one of Harry’s nipples.

Harry gasps and nods, head hitting the door with a thump. 

"Yeah? What are you gonna do to daddy? Hm?" Louis growls, pulling back quickly to rip off his own shirt and tug down his dress pants and underwear, throwing them carelessly behind him. 

He presses his chest back to his sons, sliding a hand down Harry’s hips to his groin, palming his cock through the thick material of his jeans. 

Harry whimpers as his eyes roll back into his head and his hips buck from the pleasure of his fathers hand on him. “I’m gonna fuck you, daddy,” He chokes out. 

Louis smirks as his hand rips the button of Harry’s unnaturally tight jeans open and pulls the zipper down. His places his hands at Harry’s bony hips, yanking the jeans and his underwear down his legs in one swift motion. 

"Much better," Louis mummers, hands tracing lightly over Harry’s thighs and up his chest as his eyes rake over his sons body in appreciation.  "You’re so beautiful, darling. Such a nice little body, mm, love it so much,” Harry blushes at his fathers words, yanking him quickly by his hair and kissing him with desperation. Harry’s groin pushes forward to grind into Louis’ own, earning a loud groan from both of them. 

"Bedroom,” Harry gasps into Louis’ mouth. 

Louis nods quickly and tugs Harry by the hand, stumbling through the house to the bedroom, hands roaming over each others skin and lips locked. 

Harry mewls into his father’s mouth as he’s suddenly pressed into their bedroom door with firm hands on his hips. Harry gets a hand behind him as he searches for the door knob, slightly stumbling backwards as he finally gets it opened. 

Louis walks Harry backwards to the bed, lips detaching as he lightly pushes Harry back, the younger landing on the mattress with light thump. Louis’ crawls onto the bed slowly, eyes locked on Harry’s wide ones, his own swimming with mischief. Harry licks his lips and swallows a moan, as his father crawls onto his lap, pressing their groins together.

Louis digs his fingernails into his sons bony hips and grinds down teasingly, causing Harry to throw his head back onto the sheets and whimper. Louis leans forward to press light kisses down Harry’s jaw to his neck, then reaching his collarbone and biting the fragile skin, harshly, then licking his mark in laps, making Harry whimper again. “How do you want me sweetheart? Do you want daddy to ride you, hm? Or do you want to fuck me from behind?” Louis whispers sultrily into Harry’s skin, his hips grinding down in figure eights against Harry’s own, making him cry out. 

"Want to," Harry gasps, "Want to take you from behind. Please daddy, please,” He begs. 

Louis chokes on a moan, his cock throbbing from Harry’s words. He didn’t think they’d ever do this, have Harry fuck him, but the fact that it’s happening, sends shivers down Louis’ spine. 

"Okay sweetheart, anything for my boy," Louis sweetly cups Harry’s cheeks, leaning down to place a kiss upon his lips. 

He then reluctantly removes himself from his seat on Harry’s hips, crawling up the bed to grab the headboard. He looks behind him to see Harry staring at his body hungrily, so he wiggles his ass cheekily and says. “It’s not gonna fuck itself.”

Harry releases a chuckle as he makes his way up the bed, eyes roaming over the muscles in his fathers back and his plump ass on display. He places his hands on Louis shoulders, and slowly drags his blunt nails down Louis’ back, to his ass, feeling the shiver that passes through his father and hearing the hiss that leaves his lips.

“Are you gonna be nice and tight for me, hm?” Harry asks shakily, hands moving down to knead at Louis’ ass cheeks, sending more shivers down Louis’ spine.

“Yeah yeah yeah,” Louis breathlessly says, “Gonna be so tight around your cock, baby.”

Harry’s large hand spanks Louis’ left ass cheek suddenly with force, causing him to cry out. Harry watches in awe as his hand print arises on his fathers skin, light red contrasting with Louis’ tanned skin. 

“You have such a beautiful ass, daddy. So, so beautiful,” Harry purrs, hand coming down on Louis’ right ass cheek this time, eliciting a choked whine from Louis’ throat.

Harry growls and spanks his father again. Louis withers against the bed sheets and shameless whimpers of Harry’s name are leaving his mouth. 

Harry bends forward to bite at Louis’ earlobe. His chest to to his fathers back, as he rocks his unattended erection against Louis’ thigh, whispering teasingly, “You want my cock, daddy?

Louis shudders, hands gripping the bed post so hard, his knuckles turning white. He cheekily grinds his thigh back against Harry’s cock, making the younger moan in his ear. “Want you to feel me up so bad, sweetheart. Daddy wants you to fuck him,” He grinds back harder, “So hard.

A shiver runs down Harry’s spine at his fathers words, anticipation eating at his insides. Harry shifts down the bed, face level with Louis ass. 

"So pretty," Harry whispers as he kneads Louis’ ass cheeks, before spreading them apart to lower his head to the puckered hole, licking a fat stripe over it. Louis’ lets out a surprised moan which makes Harry’s own very hard, leaking cock, lurch with want. Harry quickly dips his head back in, licking at the fluttering muscle, up and down then he’s pressing his tongue firmer, licking in tight, little circles, opening him up so that he can dip his tongue inside. He stiffens the tip of his tongue and thrusts it in hard and deep, as he slowly pushes in one of his long fingers to join his tongue. Louis pushes himself back into Harry’s face, crying out. "Fuck Harry, stop. I want you to fuck me, baby. C’mon," He demands. 

Harry nods as he removes his tongue and finger from Louis’ hole, hearing his father whine from the loss of contact. He quickly reaches to the bed side table and grabs lube and goes to grab a condom when Louis grabs his wrist. 

"No condom," Louis shakes his head, breathing coming out erratically. "I want to feel you." 

Harry moans and nods again, because yeah, he really wants that. 

Harry settles himself back behind his father, hands gripping his hips and placing butterfly kisses over his spine. Louis whimpers and begs Harry silently to get on with it, and so he does. He leans back and picks up the bottle of lube, smearing some over his fingers and dropping it carelessly on the bed. Harry brings his wet index finger to Louis’ hole and teases the rim with the pad of his finger, making it flutter as he rubs over it lightly in circles. Without any warning he pushes the finger inside his father, knuckle deep. Louis breathes in sharply, then relaxes, exhaling a moan. 

Harry thrusts his finger in and out slowly and carefully. He repeats the motion again and again, until he starts developing a fast pace as his finger thrusts in and out of Louis’ hole rapidly. Louis whines and pushes back, making Harry add another finger. 

Harry bites his lips as he watches his fingers pound in and out of his dad, moaning at the sight of them stretching him out completely. “More, Harry,” Louis gasps. 

At that, Harry adds a third finger as Louis cries out, pushing back on them.  Harry bends down as his teeth make their way to Louis skin, biting and sucking until it was covered in purple bruises, still continuously plunging his fingers in and out of his father. 

"S-stop," Louis gasps suddenly, "Fuck me, baby. Fuck me, now,” He cries. 

Harry moans and nods in response, carefully pulling his fingers out, causing Louis to whine pitifully at the loss of being filled up.

Harry quickly grasps the bottle of lube in his hands, popping the lid open to lather his cock up thoroughly, hissing at the the coolness of the lube on his heated skin. 

Harry grips Louis’ hip with one hand, his other reaching down to his cock, giving it a few quick tugs and pressing the head slowly inside of his father’s wet, stretched out hole, “Gonna fill you up so go-” Harry’s cut off by Louis’ pressing back and impaling himself quickly on Harry’s cock and releasing a guttural moan. 

Harry’s breath catches in his throat, the intense heat of having his cock in his father’s tight ass making him dizzy.

"Fuck, daddy," Harry groans, leaning forward to nip at Louis’ back "You feel so good around my cock.”

All Louis’ capable of doing is nodding. Harry feels so good inside of him, warm and thick, filling him up completely. “Move,” Louis demands brokenly, his nails digging into the headboard. 

Harry begins to thrust shallowly, Louis moaning lightly at the feeling. “Faster, Harry. C’mon, darling. Fuck daddy so good, c’mon,” At that, Harry’s pounding into his father at a hectic pace, his thrusts becoming animalistic.

Louis’ mouth falls open at Harry’s new pace, a mantra of filthy words leaving his lips. 

"Does daddy like that?” Harry purrs, yanking Louis back by his hair, causing him to cry out. “Does daddy like his baby boy’s cock inside of him? Am I doing a good job? Tell me daddy.” 

Louis groans as he rolls his head back onto Harry’s shoulder, thrusting back onto his sons cock, getting him deeper inside. “Yeah baby, so good. You’re fucking daddy so well,” Harry leans down to sink his teeth into his fathers neck, eliciting more filthy words to tremble from Louis mouth.

"Daddy, oh god daddy. I’m close, so close,” Harry whines, leaning down to bite at Louis’ shoulder, moaning against it. 

"You don’t," Louis gasps as his hips jerk, "You don’t get to come until I do, alright angel?"

Harry groans and nods his head as he pounds into his dad relentlessly, long hard strokes that hit his prostate dead on each time. He snakes his hand around Louis’ body, gripping his cock in his fist and pumping it along with his thrusts. He quickens his pace, hips snapping relentlessly. Harry puts his lips to his fathers ear as he speaks lowly and as filthy as possible, fist still working over Louis’ cock at a rapid speed. “Come for me daddy, I want you to come all over my fist. Please I want it so bad, come on daddy. Let me feel how tight you’ll clench around my cock. Please, daddy,” A loud whine spills from Louis’ lips as his hips erratically stutter back against Harry’s cock, a mantra of filthy words falling breathlessly from his mouth as he comes all over his sons fist. 

Louis’ clenching unbearably tight around Harry’s cock as he keeps pounding into his father, casing his orgasm. Louis leans his head back, lips at Harry’s ear, whispering words of encouragement. And it’s the way Louis breathes, “Come for daddy, sweetheart. Fill me up with your come,” that has Harry crying out as he comes violently inside Louis. 

Harry’s panting against his fathers shoulder, slowly coming down from his high. Louis grabs his arms and wraps them around his own waist, nuzzling his nose into the sweaty skin of Harry’s neck. Neither make any attempt at moving for a while, even though both bodies are aching and tired. 

After a few minutes, Harry removes his arms from Louis waist, pulling out his softened cock from his father, wincing at the noise Louis makes. “You okay?” He asks, as he carefully lays down on his back, gesturing for his father to take refuge in his arms. And Louis does, snuggling eagerly into his son, throwing a leg over his hip. 

"Yeah," Louis says after a few minutes. "I’m more than okay," He smiles, face leaning up to look at Harry. 

Harry looks down at his father, eyes swimming with love and affection, dimples denting his cheeks. “I love you so much, daddy,” He says as he leans down to sweetly kiss Louis on the lips, no tongue, nothing filthy, just love. 

Louis whispers against Harry’s lips, “And I love you, my good boy. Happy birthday, sweetheart.” 

And Harry falls asleep with his father in his arms, hearts beating as one. Yeah, he knows it’s wrong. But as they say, you can’t control who you fall in love with.

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